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  A number of different services have been provided to support the user information needs in agriculture. Some of which produced by Thai National AGRIS Centre and those receive from AGRIS cooperating network system. That can include

1. Electronic databases services

- Thai AGRIS Database (in English) is bibliographic database of agricultural research produced in Thailand back to 1991- present. Information retrieval is available via Local Area Networks and Internet (

- Thai Agricultural Database (in Thai) is bibliographic database in agricultural information of Thailand. Our collection is back to 1980-present. Service provided through Local Area Networks and Internet

2. Reprographic Services, supply of photocopies and microfiches in full text article of the documents retrieved from Thai AGRIS Database and Thai Agricultural Database are available according to user’s requirement by request to

3. Consulting services provided to assist and answer technical queries on information management and development.

4. Training services, training in the AGRIS system including document selection, bibliographic description, indexing, subject Analysis and retrieval is another activity organized for participants In regional AGRIS participating centre, student, informational and library staff