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International level

  Thai National AGRIS Centre is a member of coordinating network of International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology. It acts as AGRIS liaison office and AGRIS input centre and responsible for providing input and for technical interaction with the system. The main formation in collecting cataloging, classifying and submitting all the agricultural literature produced in Thailand for inclusion in the AGRIS database with other 240 participating centres from all over the world. It also plays an important role in performing as agricultural reference centre to assist user in accessing and utilizing information in the database and make known of research works under taken in Thailand to the world community at large.

Regional level

  Thai National AGRIS Centre supporting in agricultural information development to countries in the same region by cooperating with regional participating centres in Asia to develop agricultural information system including organizing training courses for information specialist to establish new specialized information center.

National level

  As an organization responsible for agricultural information development. Its’ role at national level has been grouped as following

  1. Collecting and producing bibliographical information related to agriculture in Thailand.

  2. Creating Thai Agricultural Database in Thai and English languages. English input produced for inclusion in the AGRIS database at FAO. Thai Agricultural bibliography created for end users in Thailand particularly researcher, agricultural extension officer and farmer.

  3. Providing agricultural information services from all over the world.

  4. Cooperating with other organizations in the country to create and develop the information network system for the agricultural sciences and technology.

  5. Organizing training course in all aspects of the AGRIS operation, including document selection, bibliographic description, indexing, subject analysis and abstracting for participants who intend to take part in information development. Training in the retrieval of information from the AGRIS database is also arranged to enable users with diverse backgrounds and experiences to use AGRIS output effectively. Consulting services in establishing specialized information database is also one of the primary responsibilities of Thai National AGRIS Centre.